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Bushwacked revisited

Bushwacked Rounding Third

Those of you on Facebook have probably already heard. While cooperating with God to plant 11 churches in Japan in 15 years I attended intensive classes in Chaing Mai, Thailand maintaining nearly a 4.0 average. Comprehensive exams were challenging in the midst of ministry but most results were rated “with distinction.” I do not remember having received any counseling or advice during my years on the field. The dissertation was challenging but I have sensed God’s help on a number of occasions. I am convinced God called me to this course of study nearly 9 years ago. I believe I have learned beyond a doubt that Christians need to be motivated and equipped to take the gospel out to their friends, family, and colleagues in order to multiply and change the spiritual landscape of a region. The power of disciple multiplication is simply awesome. The 20 research participants who have all multiplied themselves through witnessing will grow like the following if the pace of their work continues:

§       2008: 80 Christians

§       2013: 320 Christians

§       2018: 1280 Christians

§       2023: 5120 Christians!

And it would not stop there because most of the 5120 would simply befriend others redemptively as they had been befriended.

Talking with a graduation counselor at Biola University just 6 days before I was scheduled to defend my dissertation was late in retrospect. I will have fulfilled all academic requirements with a successful dissertation defense. However, due to some dissertation class requirements that I was unaware of I need to pay for those classes before I receive the doctorate from Biola. That amount is nearly $6000. I still hope to publish an English condensation online and to translate and publish a seminary textbook. If God wants me to follow through on these plans, he will provide a way.

My Next Ministry Assignment

It is my passion to be used by God to move people closer to God. In the case of a non-Christian, they need salvation through faith in Christ alone. In the case of a believer, I pray and labor that they might grow in the transformative grace of God. We have seen many Japanese transformed by the grace of God.

My new job title is Church Multiplication Catalyst. My business card says (in both English and Japanese) “specializing in church renewal and multiplication.” Those are awesome responsibilities, but over the years in Japan that is how God has used us. We must abide daily in Jesus if we are to bear fruit. My job is to enlist Japanese churches to participate in church multiplication networks and then to train them in evangelism and leadership development to increase their liklihood of success. Another responsibility is to travel to Laos and or other Asian countries to foment church multiplication there. Finally, I would like to talk with any churches or individuals who feel God may be calling them to get involved in any of the aforementioned ministries in Asia.


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