Posted by: whereintheworldismike | October 11, 2010


First of all, I just received our donation report and I am once again blown away by the faithfulness…no, generosity of our friends who support us! Several have increased and all are hanging with us in this tough economy! You folks do not have your eyes on the wind and the waves, rather, you are obviously keeping your eyes on Jesus, and believe me, he has big plans in the near future for our team.

Right now, this is what I am involved in as we prayerfully await God’s next phase of ministry:

1. Get this wreck of a house shipshape–at least good enough for my family to be secure when the travels start for Mary Jo and me

I’ve been digging up and cutting out tree roots all over the yard and I have the blisters to prove it. Recently Woody helped by taking down a huge tree that threatened our house and was destroying a neighbor’s driveway.

2. Find a used car that is dependable and economical for a price we can affort–CHEAP!

3. Raise the additional support necessary to continue ministry with A2. I am very encouraged by the progress in Sept and trust God is going to get us all the way to where we need to be.

4. Try to resolve this $6000 impasse with Biola. It may be awhile until I actually receive the Doctor of Missiology certificate with ceremony. I have completed all academic requirements and am asking God to provide since Biola doesn’t want to work with me for a compromise.

5. Meet with Adrian D, A2 VP for Leadership Development, in Nov to discuss how we can work together to open up new countries in Asia to A2’s work.

6. Continue to try and help our son Brandon.

7. Lead a Bible study at our home with a half dozen unchurched college students (Stacia’s friends) from a diverse cultural and religious heritage. God is working in this group and I am overjoyed to try and introduce them to the Maker of All.


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