Posted by: whereintheworldismike | October 14, 2010


We never had enough support to be in Japan but God kept us there by his grace. He had plans for us to be a part of 11 churches being started and 700 people finding new life in Christ. What an adventure! Thank you, God!

Next, I never had the support to do a Doctor of Missiology but God said to do it anyway. In doing so I spent most of my and my wife’s parents’ inheritance. God has repaid me many times over–what price can you put on the precious blood of Christ!

Now I believe God is going to provide a way to publish my research results in Japanese because he wants this news out to bless his Church there. Show me how, God!

Thank you so much for the many who so faithfully support us in this tough economy! Bless them, Lord, one and all.


  1. Mike, Please change my e-mail address to this one. Thanks and God bless.

    • Sure, Jerry. I would like to get together when I get back from midwest. God is doing awesome things and I”m sure I won’t be retiring even in this economy.

    • Hey Jerry, I hope you and Cathy are well. Both Mary Jo and I are very busy but it’s all good stuff and God is encouraging us along the way. I have 4 appointments with pastors interested in planting new churches after the Asian Access Spring Conf where we just finished training 4 new missionary units. I’m thanking God for the wisdom and strength to do his will everyday and that his will for me is such an adventure. Did a lot of evangelism mentoring in the bath last night with all the young guys coming to Japan for the first time.


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