Posted by: whereintheworldismike | October 25, 2010

No False Security Here

That’s what Christ offers: real lasting and unbelievable security. Too often we Christians put our hope and trust in false security: bank accounts, nice cars, health, etc. Christ offers everlasting life and incomprehensible blessing in his presence. The momentary trials we go through here cannot compare–I didn’t say this–God did!

I’m off at 5:30am tomorrow morning to ride my bike out in the desert with some friends. It will be a good way to work off some stress and shed some calories. I believe God has plans ahead for me that require me to keep my body as well as my mind and spirit in good shape.

My new job title is Church Multiplication Catalyst. These are my responsibilities approved as I submitted them:

1. Travel the Japanese mainland recruiting churches for Church Multiplication Networks (CMN) and then train participants in evangelism and leader development for greater chance at success

2. Travel to other Asian countries that do not have an Asian Access (A2) leader development program in place to recruit leaders for participation in learning communities that will put often isolated Christian leaders in community with other Christian leaders on the cutting edge of what God is doing in their country. Our prayerful goal is that God would use us to foment a nationwide church multiplication movement in each Asian country. Currently A2 works in 9 Asian countries. My job will be to travel to some of the other 11 countries to try and start something there

3. Provide information, encouragement, and initial support for individuals and churches in North America that desire to work in any Asian countries where A2 is working to develop leaders and multiply leaders.

May God continue to let me hear his voice and walk with him on this great adventure for Christ’s glory!


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