Posted by: whereintheworldismike | October 31, 2010

Merging 2 Groups

Tonight we celebrated Stacia’s 20th birthday 2 days early. I will be flying out on her birthday and this was the day most of her friends could come for a party. Andrew, the youth pastor from Arcadia Pres, also came. It was a lot of fun with taco rice, an ice cream cake, and Brandon and Joseph jamming (B on the drums and J on the piano). Stacia taught some dance and we all watched Slumdog Millionaire.

Building relational bridges like this is part of the reason the Bible study with Stacia’s friends is growing. I am praying for salvation for Tahil, Joseph, Sal, Frances and several others I’m still trying to sort out their names.

Warm friendship grows over meals together

Yesterday I sold a washer and dryer I advertised on craigslist. When he came to buy the machines, Nam, a Korean-American, shared after awhile that he has few friends. I took that as an invitation to share about my Best Friend. He said he is considering whether to totally give his life to Christ. Then his mover friend came in a truck and guess what? Ken is planting a church and is desperate for help. He and I both felt it was a divine appointment and we both feel our talks with Nam that evening brought him closer to commitment. I have a meeting to coach Ken and his church planting pastor the day before I take off for Indiana and Georgia. This is much more fun than fixing a house!

Thank you for your prayers and support! There will be many jewels in crowns to throw at Jesus’ feet.


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