Posted by: whereintheworldismike | December 19, 2010

Hallelujah! I got one cross off my back!

It was exciting to finally receive the DMiss at Biola yesterday. I was networking with other graduates in line. India, Korea, So Cal we will be working together to send and receive short term mission teams in Asia. One encounter was really cool. Hiromi from Hokkaido, Japan is studying at Biola and meeting her was like a divine appointment. She is eager to read my dissertation and apply it in her homeland. She knows our colleague Tim Clark who works in Hokkaido with 6 churches to plant new churches.

Hitomi from Hokkaido is 3rd from left

Networking for the King at Biola


  1. Hey Mike, Great picture! It’s nice to see Hiromi and also Dr. Kitty Barnhouse Purgason. Kitty and her husband are some of my “good-question-asking” friends!

  2. Mike, We are rejoicing with you! Congratulations! Thank you for always putting Christ first.

    • The Dyers are awesome! Thank you for your generous special gift! We are making great progress towards flying to Japan (MJ and me) and Vietnam (just me)


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