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A Wild Home Assignment

We are very grateful for God’s faithful provision and grace for every situation. This home assignment has stretched us in many ways. Through it all we have repeatedly seen God’s unmistakable fingerprint. What the future holds no one knows. We are grateful for many friends who have stepped up and extended themselves for us. We have received a little more than half of what we need in one time support to resume overseas ministry. Our monthly support is increased but more is needed to get us where we need to be. Much progress has been made and we are eager to cooperate with God in his equipping us for every good work in every venue.

One super thank you is the completion of the doctor of missiology.This is just one more step in God’s equipping me to work to “renew and multiply churches. The other

Rejoicing in God's ordination of completion of DMiss

The other is nearly 20 years of working with a variety of Japanese churches to strengthen them in preparation for starting new churches. I’ve seen systems and strategies of Baptist, Ev Free, Church of God, pentecostal, and many others (independent house and marketplace and satellite chapels and so on). Every church must have a system for moving people from initial commitment to Christ to a commitment to baptism and the church community. There must be a system to ground believers in the Word and motivate and equip them to apply the Word in every aspect of life as an ambassador of Christ who “walk the talk.” The foundation of this new motivation and equipping is the nurturing of each believer’s love relationship with Christ. There needs to be an environment where believers learn from one another as they share their gifts in the context of practical application. We need to all be involved in peer mentoring relationships. Christ’s Great Commission must not be neglected for it keeps our focus on the mission of every church Christ creates. As active God-cooperators are developed and mentor those not as far down the discipleship road, the world will see unmistakable evidence of God’s supernatural presence and blessing in the Church and many will be drawn to join the community. Along with peer mentoring there must be a greater commitment to interactive prayer that includes active seeking and humble submission to Christ’s work of the Spirit healing our hearts, re-programming our minds (Rom 12:1-2), and setting us free from the effects of generational curses we all struggle with. Then the Church and its members will “shine like the stars in heaven as we hold out and hold onto the Word of Life.


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