Posted by: whereintheworldismike | January 20, 2011

The Danger of Not Heeding Warning

Today I accompanied a pastor friend and church elder to an ALPHA Course networking lunch. It was awesome to meet at and hear about how a church has been used by God to transform a blighted community and is now reaching out to Compton and other blighted communities with the same goal. The Panorama police say they can sense the church’s presence for a 1 mile radius around the church as crime and other problems have greatly decreased.  They use ALPHA and have grown larger than ever before as a result. The HUP (homogenous unit principle) is definitely gone. They now have a blended congregation that is hispanic, black, asian, and white. They love worshiping together in 6 services! This was once a traditional Dutch Reformed church.

In my devotions I’m reading in 1 Samuel. Yesterday, I read about how David was warned by the prophet Gad and as a result his life was protected from the murderous King Saul and he was shortly made King himself. God has confirmed through 17 years of ministry in Japan and in some contexts in America that he has gifted me not only as an evangelist but also as a prophet. I have studied the Church in my doctoral studies and I have been blessed and privileged to be involved in the start  of 11 churches in a very hard land. God has spoken directly to me and through me in this process as I have served him strengthening and starting Japanese churches. But some I find as too arrogant to heed a warning from God. They insist on doing Church the Christendom way. They see no fruit. But still they think they have the answer. All pastors and church elders should read The Shaping of Things to Come, The Forgotten Ways, Experiencing God (2008), Fresh Encounter, and The Hour That Changes the World. Not only should these be read. The truth in them must be prayerfully interacted over and applied both corporately and individually.

I believe I will be going to Japan and then Vietnam for a Christian leaders’ summit in March. I will continue to serve the Lord wherever he places me. May he bless me to be a blessing and may the harvest increase as the days wane.


  1. Mike, I have been inspired by what you have shared this week. Your family continue in my prayers, especially for your son. I listened to a Focus on the Family message about autism and was greatly educated. In addition, to what you shared this morning, it reminded me of a great pastor out of Cleveland, OH named Allistair Begg, Truth for Life Ministries. His message dovetails yours about on what foundation is our house built. It was the best application and spoke volumes. So, again, dear brother. May God continue to guide you and Mary Jo and His grace abound. In Christ, Karen

    • Karen, I know you have been going through a valley filled with trials. I pray the Lord comforts and provides for you. Brandon is slowly starting to do a little better but there is much farther to go. I am amazed by how so many friends have responded to our needs so generously. The Lord truly is faithful. I was just published yet again in a book called “The Facilitator Era: Beyond Pioneer Church Multiplication.” I wrote the chapter 4 case study on Japan. The book is a challenging call to greater partnership between expatriate missionaries and national Christians all over the world. I pray the Lord provides funds to publish my book “How To Develop Christians Who Multiply Through Evangelism.” May He bless his church to extend the benevolent reign of Christ worldwide.


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