Posted by: whereintheworldismike | March 8, 2011

One more

Just was able to make an appointment with Pastor Nakano who is interested in church planting with his church. This makes 4 pastors in 3 days after our spring conference in snowy Karuizawa. The training of 4 new missionaries is going well and it’s great to see our colleagues over here again. The work is expanding and we are nomads for Christ in the Land of the Rising Son! Here’s a photo from our Okinawa days that a friend took the red eye out of. Those were the days when I was a hired gun evangelist. Now I train them and recruit churches to plant new churches. God is good all the time!


  1. We’re so excited to hear about what God is doing through you in Japan! Thank you for answering His call. God IS good all the time.

    • Steve and Jill, thank you for your encouraging note. I hope you are all well. Both Mary Jo and I are very busy but it’s all good stuff and God is encouraging us along the way. I have 4 appointments with pastors interested in planting new churches after the Asian Access Spring Conf where we just finished training 4 new missionary units. I’m thanking God for the wisdom and strength to do his will everyday and that his will for me is such an adventure. Did a lot of evangelism mentoring in the bath last night with all the young guys coming to Japan for the first time.


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