Posted by: whereintheworldismike | March 15, 2011

Wisdom from on high needed

Dear Praying Friends,

Radiation is leaking from nuclear reactors near the quake epicenter. The radiation is moving toward Tokyo. No one knows how bad it will get. Please pray that Mary Jo and other leaders will know whether or not and when if so to evacuate mission personnel from Tokyo. Also we need wisdom how to get mercy containers into the country. We need grace to get through the regulations and to the people that need the supplies desperately. Thank you!


  1. Mike – I want to send this as a prayer request to the whole church but I need some clarification. What are mercy containers and why do you need wisdom on how to get these mercy containers into the country? Are you not suppose to bring them into the country or does it just take a lot of maneuvering to get them in? Jeannette……

    • Jeannette, we talked with the folks at CRASH command center yesterday. CRASH is an ecumenical grassroots response to disasters in this land. I talked with Pastor Hari who is the CRASH coordinator for importing relief materials into the country. It’s complicated because transportation is crippled. In addition there are many regulations/taxes/tariffs. Hari is trying to find someone with the correct permissions/tax exempt status in order to import several relief containers sent by Campus Crusade and others.
      Our work goes on as Mary Jo heads to Hokkaido today. She is visiting the team up there including the 2 new missionary units. Train service is greatly reduced so it will be challenging for me (Mike) to get to other parts of the Kanto (greater Tokyo area) to cast the vision for church planting with 2 more pastors. Momentum is building in the Church here for more aggressive church planting and a comprehensive response and relief effort for the people devastated by the earthquakes. The ground is shaking a lot here. We keep having secondary quakes in many places. It does not seem like it is done yet…


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