Posted by: whereintheworldismike | March 16, 2011

The Godly Suffer with the Ungodly

I was just talking with my host here in Tokyo about Pastor Sugaya of Kiyose Grace Chapel that we helped plant 12 years ago. He told me when we met that he and 3 other pastors from the Japanese Holiness denomination would be going to the hardest hit area to see if they could help. They have since reported that another pastor from their association that they searched for is nowhere to be found. Not only is the church gone but the whole town has almost nothing left standing after the tsunami roared through. We know that our brother is in good hands but it is still sad. A Japanese staff’s younger sister and family were unable to be contacted for 2 days. Praise God once they contacted us on FaceBook we found out that though their house is completely gone the family is okay. Today I talked with Pastor Hari with whom I will be working closely and he told me that the Japanese government will not allow relief supplies in containers right now. They feel the domestic response is sufficient for now though there is the possibility they will allow supplies to come in from Christian mercy missions in the future. This will be a long term recovery.

Christians in Japan working together to bring the love of Christ to the hurting

The picture above is of CRASH Japan, an ecumenical effort to help in times of disaster. Pastor Hari is one of the many Japanese Christians who come alongside with their churches to work with the expats. It’s beautiful to see the Body of Christ truly operating like the hands and feet of Jesus.


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