Posted by: whereintheworldismike | March 19, 2011

Golden opportunity

In a world and society where shysters are all around us, it’s nice to know when something is the real thing. Japan has lost over 14,000 people and about that many still missing. Radiation is spreading from the nuclear reactors near Sendai where a great church is that we’ve worked with. 3 of my Asian Access colleagues are braving the rads and taking truckloads of relief supplies to the hardest hit areas. This practical manifestation of God’s love is already bearing fruit. I have heard of some whole families giving their lives to Christ as Christians reach out to them with just what they need in the nick of time in many cases. I believe this terrible tragedy is going to bring much good as thousands find new and eternal life in Jesus. But we need to let them see the love of God in an understandable way while they are hurting and questioning. Asian Access has found a $1 million matching grant and I am asking anyone who can give anything to go to and click on the link there that says “tsunami relief.” The funds you designate will be doubled up to a million dollars.

I am home in Monrovia, CA re-writing our curriculum we use in networks of churches focused on planting new churches. Our goal is a nationwide church multiplication movement and what I learned through the DMiss and 15 years of church planting is being put to good use.  I believe we will have a record harvest of souls very soon.


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