Posted by: whereintheworldismike | March 23, 2011

A Wild Start to A New Phase

Just hours after Mary Jo being named VP Japan at Asian Access’ Spring Conference in Karuizawa, Japan, a huge 9.0 earthquake and subsequent tsunami battered the Japanese mainland killing more than 20,000 and leaving thousands more missing. We praise God for all the outpouring of support to the people left homeless and often bereaved of family members. Our friends and colleagues Peter, Eric, and Kent are distributing tons of relief supplies to clusters of survivors scattered throughout the region in shelters and churches that survived. Much is just gone. This will be a longterm recovery and A2 is planning to utilize a number of short term summer teams in the stricken area to serve in the recovery, relief, and extending hope to many who have no reason to hope currently.

After the disaster and when a few trains were running again, we moved down to Tokyo to stay with friends and meet with pastors and others we needed to coordinate with.

Good friends in desperate timesMr and Mrs Sakoh were very gracious hosts and it was exciting to see their growth in the faith. Toshi (Mr Sakoh) is eager to have more time in 3 years when he retires from his VP role with a large corporation to plant a church in his home. His pastor Sugaya is enthusiastic about that as part of his strategy to plant many “simple churches.” His philosophy of ministry is so similar to mine that I am sure we will be able to work together in some capacity–especially if Mary Jo and I are able to relocate to Tokyo in a year or two.

One pastor I was supposed to meet with called and canceled because his family was trapped in their apartment elevator after one of the numerous aftershocks. Conversely 2 others are considering expanding their territorial influence by planting churches so they can help more hurting people. There are many psychological maladies in the wake of such complete destruction and the uncertainty of the nuclear threat causes much anxiety. People need the Prince of Peace and my friends are praying about what they can do. There are many teams on the ground but they are pretty consumed right now with distributing food and other necessities and sharing the hope within them with recipients. Thank you for praying for Japan! God is working there. Mary Jo and I will be going back in May and probably September and November.


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