Posted by: whereintheworldismike | April 23, 2011

United Nations at Home

Tonight is an interesting night. After wrestling all day with FAFSA for my daughter, I am still unable to resolve something important. Monday I will be on the toll free line trying to negotiate for more funds to help with Stacia’s college.

Later tonight she plans to go an Egyptian prayer meeting so she scheduled a lot of her friends to come over today for an “okonomiayki” party. This is a Japanese pancake with shrimp and other delicacies in them. The young people are from Japan, Peru, India, Philippines, Korea, and other places. They are all quite post-modern in outlook and would not feel comfortable or make others comfortable in any existing churches that I am aware of. Yet, many of them are asking spiritual questions and are at various stages of a journey toward Christ. We are loving them and sharing little by little as appropriate and trust in time our seeking of God in Christ will become more systematic and include baptism and communion. God is calling many and the Church must morph to a less homogeneous and bounded set (cf. Alan Hirsch in The Shaping of Things to Come: Innovation and Mission in the 21st Century Church) in order to successfully overcome the relative thinking and distrust of logical argumentation that is becoming more and more prevalent and responds to demonstrations of Christ’s love and power to transform more than logical gospel presentations. For Christ’s Kingdom and Glory, Mike


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