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Mike’s First Assignment with A2 LDA Cambodia

Cambodian class 4.6

What a great group of pastors to work with!

What does the alphabet soup mean, you ask? Sorry for the shorthand which means, “Asian Access, Leadership Development Asia.” The nature of the work is to work with pastors in each country where Asian Access has a work outside of Japan. Currently there are leadership development works in 9 other countries some of which cannot be named in a public forum. Pastors who participate in a class attend seminars 4 times a year for 2 years.

My first assignment came about so rapidly that my ticket to Japan had to be set aside for a small fee to be used later and a ticket to Cambodia via Taipei and Bangkok had to be procured. Meng Ang, Cambodian Country Director, provided good accommodations in Phnom Penh where the meetings were held, and we were able to deepen our previously superficial friendship during my 6 days in country.

My first talk was about “Developing Simplest Churches.” First I explained that there are at least 1600 models of church in operation around the world and that the most common model is probably some form of house church. I shared about a couple of creative models of church that are flourishing hugely in Japan and America. After presenting some basic principles of church multiplication, I shared the key point of how a church development becomes “simplest.” The church planter takes his responsibility seriously to make obedient disciples (Matt 28:18-20) and lets Jesus build the Church like he said he would (Matt 16:17-18) by waiting until there is a small group of new believers before deciding together with these new recipients of the residing Holy Spirit what kind of church God seems to be forming them into. The pastors really got it and seemed to like the idea of “simplest church.” I’m expecting a resurgence of new “simplest church” development in Cambodia as man’s direction in the church development process in reduced and God’s sovereign grace becomes more evident. I believe some results will be unimaginably creative!


  1. Thank you, Mike, for your faithfulness and for keeping us updated on what God is doing throughout the world. May God richly bless you today.


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