Posted by: whereintheworldismike | June 1, 2011

Cambodia 2: DNA of the Church & Holistic Discipleship

Every day in Phnom Penh I asked the pastors to share something they had found helpful, why they found it helpful, and some thoughts on how they would implement it in their church. The first day they shared from earlier presenters like Adrian DeVisser. It was wonderful to see each pastor’s enthusiasm for things they had been taught as well as their practical plans for implementation. When it came time to assess and share what I taught, it was unanimous: my model for holistic discipleship was perceived most helpful. As the pastors came up front in 7 pairs, it was encouraging to me as they each drew the model and seemed to pick different aspects to share with the group. They each affirmed that this learning would radically affect how they develop disciples in the future. This all convinced me that I need to get this model out into the public arena for discussion and application in “big head little body” N American churches. Maybe someday it will be translated into Japanese too. Here’s the model:

Balanced growth in the 4 areas results in increased fruitfulness


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