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Cambodia 3: Trading Testimonies

God had a surprise waiting for me that, frankly, blew my mind and confirmed that I was called by him to Cambodia. As part of the Holistic Discipleship model, I introduced inner healing prayer to deal with 1) generational curse (sins of the fathers Ex 20:4-5), 2) ungodly beliefs/lies that result in neurotic fears and compulsions (Lk 1:74; Jn 8:32), 3) wounds of the heart (Isa 61:1), and 4) demonic oppression Mk 9:17-29).

After an explanation of how the inner healing prayer works which included my testimony about being both the son and the step-son of alcoholics (generational curse) who had been helped by prayer, we went to prayer in pairs. We did not have a lot of time but 4 of the pastors heard from the Lord and, I believe, will be able to walk in greater holiness as a result.

All this was wonderful but then over dinner that night Meng, the A2 Country Leader, asked me, “You told us about generational curse. Do you believe there is generational blessing?” I thought for a minute and agreed that indeed the scripture teaches that there is a generational blessing and it supersedes the curse for believers (Ex 20:6). Meng then proceeded to tell me how God miraculously saved his family from the killing fields when he was only 10 years old because his grandfather had been kind to the guard in charge of the detail that executed both their neighbors but let them live. Then Meng told me about how God gave him a burden to help the street kids of Phnom Penh and how it led to formation of a school for them to break the cycle of perpetual poverty.

He started the school a few years ago and already 200 kids attend. They work half the day collecting and selling junk to a recycler to make about 50¢ per day and then attend school the other half of the day. Meng did not give the school a name but the kids and their parents named it “Jesus School” and the families of all 200 kids attend the church that meets on Sundays. I pray many will give $20/month to support one street kid with uniform and school supplies. Here’s one child and his mother who live close to the sewer in the slum because it is the cheapest land and the only place they could afford. Their story really touched my heart.


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