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Cambodia 4: Thinking about Church Systems

The second day as I shared about holistic disciple development there was discussion about what church systems and procedures are needed to transform ordinary pagans into devoted and fruitful disciples of Jesus. In talking about unbelievers I shared from Ralph Neighbor that there are basically 2 types of unbelievers: Those with spiritual ears to hear the gospel and those without spiritual ears. Unfortunately the latter are most common. So how do we reach them? Meng reached them by starting a school out of compassion. Before he preached much the kids and their parents named the school “Jesus School.” Pastor Chhay encountered a demon in a man during community outreach and was able to cast it out resulting in calmer, gentler demeanor in the man and a softer, more pleasant voice. Several other neighbors believed in Christ as a result. Acts of kindness, demonstrations of power, Spirit-filled believers who consistently and compellingly exhibit the fruit of the Spirit are all ways unbelievers can develop spiritual ears to hear the gospel. Revisiting the holistic discipleship model: When a Christian grows in all four areas mandated by scripture, they are like a multi-faceted gem dazzling to behold. Again, they are like an extremely interesting and attractive book for people to read that points the way unmistakably to the Son of God.
One “system” I introduced that the pastors enjoyed was Dick Eastman’s “Hour that Changes the World” interactive prayer model. We prayed for more than an hour together and could have gone on for a lot longer listening, watching, waiting, meditating, etc. if time permitted. Nevertheless, we all had a great time and sensed God had met with us in a special way that changed each of us.

The Lord's presence was sweet as we interacted with him and each other

Looking forward to my next assignment when the Lord calls.



  1. Thanks for sharing your experiences and it is evident that God is opening doors for you in Cambodia!

  2. Ron, thanks for your comment. My next assignment could be anywhere in Asia. In the meantime I’m working on 2 books: Making Good Soil Christians: Evangelistic Multiplyers and Holistic Discipleship. I got rave reviews on the latter in Cambodia. Thank you for helping us stay in the fight. Mary Jo comes home on Friday from Japan. The Strengths Finder consultant said she is the only one with the profile who could lead the mission at this time.


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