Posted by: whereintheworldismike | August 1, 2011

Let Not Many Seek to Teach for We Shall Incur a Stricter Judgment

Wherever I go, I see believers proof-texting their pet beliefs: evangelicals like “study to show yourself approved, a worker who need not be ashamed…rightly dividing the Word of Truth.” Pentecostals like “the kingdom of God is not about words but power.” The problem is they are both true! We need to love God with all our hearts, minds, souls, and strength. The N American Church today is weak and declining overall because we have lost the way to sanctify people and turn pagans into joyful, fruitful, faithful followers of Jesus Christ.

Paul did not come to the Corinthians with “persuasive words, but with demonstrations of the Spirit’s power.”  Fewer and fewer people are convinced of Christ’s reality and love by mere intellectual arguments. They want evidence that Christ can make a difference in their lives and in their world. God is not pleased with pastors and other church leaders who settle for a weak faith and teach it to others. He also is not pleased with recipients of his grace who “bury their talent in the ground” and thus make themselves worthless to the Kingdom of our Christ.


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