Posted by: whereintheworldismike | August 10, 2011

These momentary light afflictions are not worthy to be compared…

This morning I had breakfast, Bible study, and prayer with some dear brothers in Christ. One of them had to take his leave first since he had to rush to catch a flight to Japan. He’s a Christian jazz saxophonist who I first met in Okinawa. He is going to do a benefit outreach concert in Sendai near where the stricken nuclear reactor is and where tsunami devastation is still evident. He has a major health concern and I am praying for him. His compassionate heart for the Japanese has endured 12 years and he has made many trips. This may be his last–only the Lord knows. May brother R have much grace to glorify you and return to his family whole.

Last week I talked with another dear brother in the Lord who has an unpromising prognosis from his doctor. If the doctor is right and there is not reprieve from the Lord, there is much continual and intense pain for the foreseeable future. May the Lord amaze the doctors and my friend R.

The faith and attitude of these friends is challenging and inspiring to me. They continue to do and support the Lord’s work. The future is uncertain for them as it is for each of us–though it is beyond denial in their cases. May the Lord heal and may the Lord give abundant grace for these dear saints  I call friend.


  1. We are praying along side you on their behalf.

    • Thank you, Jan. Brandon is starting to really go back to school (in Texas). Mary Jo and I go to Evansville and then Osaka Japan in Sept. In Nov. We will be all over Japan prepping relief work and church planting in tsunami-devastated Tohoku region of Japan.


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