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Osaka missionary training

Hi Friends, It’s been a packed 3 days already and the next 2 promise more of the same. We’ve had some great devotions led by Mary Jo where we’ve sensed the Lord’s presence and been challenged. New missionaries Peter and Valerie have done an excellent job as worship leaders/facilitators.

Today we had a lively discussion of Japanese culture and the opportunities and obstacles for the gospel it presents currently. Us oldtimers talked about how J. culture is changing and different today than it was 10 years…or even 5 years ago. Our hearts are all burdened to reach “herbivores” which is the term for young men in their 20’s who grew up with absentee, workaholic dads. 60% of Japanese men in their 20’s are herbivores—young men who pluck their eyebrows, wear skinny jeans, are heterosexual but have little interest in women. They care about family and living a quiet life and are passive about work and the opposite sex. Homosexuality is also increasing but seems to be less of a compelling anomaly than the herbivores.

The aged segment of society is increasing rapidly and no young people want to care for them. Foreigners are being imported and trained to care for the aged but polls show that the aged would prefer robots to being cared for by foreigners who cannot speak Japanese.

Tomorrow I teach on Church Multiplication and People Movements. My powerpoint has some pretty cool videos to make my points. In short, we need to evangelize groups rather than individuals and some good hints are given in Luke 10 when Jesus sent out the 72.

God bless you and thank you for your prayers and support!

P.S. My wife is doing a great job leading this meeting and many have said they are blessed. I am proud of her and pray for her strength and wisdom daily.


  1. Thanks MIke… And, I couldn’t agree more. Mary Jo is doing a great job. We are blessed to have her in leadership!


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