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Servant-Leadership in a Hierarchical Society

Our mission values servant leadership as we believe Jesus does. But in a society that values work-a-holism to the point of societal self-destruction, servant leadership can be a tricky proposition.


Servant Leadership means having legitimate power and authority, but making a conscious choice to not dominate or oppress, rather I choose to serve in appropriate ways that express sacrificial love in the context of relationship.  People are more important than authority and control.  We are to serve one another.  My service centers around the mission, not being a doormat.


There are strong expectations on Christian workers in Japan within many churches.  We must be aware of these expectations and respect them when necessary-expressing diligence, humility and excellence in our work unto the Lord.  We must also prayerfully and with grace confront them as we model a freedom and joy in service to Christ that is counter-cultural.


I am sorry I cannot put the video I showed for this talk on this blog without an expensive upgrade. However, I have posted it on my FaceBook for anyone who is interested and able to see how a people movement can be started in about 3 minutes.

Please pray for Japan which is in as big a transition as America!


  1. Thanks for posting, Mike. I couldn’t access these in China but am catching up on the conference through your blog. Thanks again!

  2. I have viewed the video and find it a most interesting concept. There is no movement withoug followers. Followers are more important than leaders for without them there is no leader. It has always been obvious in a classroom setting just how powerful followers are. Disrupters are powerless without followers. Alone their power dies.

    • God is moving BIG TIME over there. What the Church needs is less human control and more of the Spirit’s control!


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