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Between Trips

My soul exalts my Savior who came to enable us to serve him without fear (Luke 1:74). The last trip to Japan was very eventful and confirmed our continued call to serve the Lord of the Harvest in that land. Here are 2 pictures of folks God used us to touch during our brief time there.

(L) Mr Kashima is ending his holdout and getting very close to the Kingdom. It was a joy to have him join Megumi Family Church and us for worship during our brief time in Okinawa.

(R) Staying at the Shimbukuro family home was divinely anointed start to finish. Dr Shuichi is the urologist son of Mr and Mrs Shimabukuro. He helped me much in my time of troubles. I coached him then in evangelism and he paid most of my urology bills during that time we were based in Okinawa. Now his wife Hiroe (pictured) is getting very close to believing Christ and we enjoyed some warm fellowship. They are incredibly busy and we were honored to be able to spend time with this very much in demand doctor and nurse couple.

Our next trip is shaping up to be a whirlwind in a number of venues. We start out in Tsumagoi, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan at the JCGI Network annual meeting where we will be networking with pastors who want to join the initiative to plant 1000 simple churches in Tohoku where the triple disaster devastated in March. After that Mike and Mary Jo will travel up to Tokyo where Mary Jo will have meetings with A2 staff and Mike will network with Andy Game of ALPHA Japan. Very probably, Mike and Mary Jo will then travel up to Tohoku to meet with pastors who are working with us to develop 1000 new simple churches in the region.

For many who have been praying for us, here is an update for some of the ways God is answering:

Praise the Living God!

Stacia is taking on the forces of darkness at Pasadena City College in a vibrant, joyful way. Pray for continued favor from the One who controls all!

Brandon is doing much better. He has gone to school everyday for 2 months, wants to take a full load of classes, and has a job in the cafeteria at Devereux School in Texas. Pray for continued improvement and homecoming in God’s time.

Mary Jo and Mike could possibly move to Tokyo in the new year if God provides all the necessary pieces.

Thank you for your prayers! God is hearing!



  1. Sorry “doctor and wife couple” should read “doctor and nurse couple.”


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