Posted by: whereintheworldismike | November 7, 2011


A few of my friends have asked me to pray for their jobs since the entities they work for are downsizing. Each of these friends are very good at what they do. A missionary colleague is bedridden in Japan and has twice felt better and tried to get back to work. However every time he has been forced to go back to bed and the time of inactivity has stretched. He is normally an exceptional “do-er.” So often when we are incapacitated in some way, the incapacity is in an area where we are normally very talented or gifted. I believe God allows this for those of us who belong to him so that we will learn to rely on him alone and not on the giftedness or talent he has put in us. A dear colleague who has been used on both sides of the globe for a long time was in a terrible accident that injured his brain. This normally creative teacher, hymn writer, and exceptional communicator has been told that his current recovery–while remarkable–has probably hit a ceiling far short of his previous abilities that have blessed many. Why? We ask. But I believe God is pleased when we can trust him and accept his new call on our lives even after cataclysmic debilitating injury. The call is the same: Abide in Christ. Be God’s fellow worker (cooperator), and, perhaps, your greatest contribution is yet to be made. May we all be found faithful no matter what the Sovereign Lord ordains through his love and mercy toward us.

Thank you for your prayers for my wife and I as we travel to Japan Nov 26-Dec 7 to network and coordinate with church and mission leaders involved in the initiative to develop 1000 simple churches in the Tohoku region of Japan that experienced the triple disaster last March.


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