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I was shocked to hear an old friend thought we are on vacation. We have never been busier for the King and will continue to do what he bids even if we are misunderstood. I just have a little more to do on the Church Multiplication and People Movement curriculum I’ve produced with the Lord’s help. This last part is particularly important, though. I must put together break out group questions for every slide in the PowerPoint. Teaching must be done in tiny segments followed by small group interaction and reflection focused on application. Preferably application can begin to happen at the teaching venue. This is the best way to teach adults. Anything else leads to passivity and a false sense of accomplishment by the hearers who usually do nothing more to apply what they think they’ve learned. This curriculum is pretty radical and therefore needs to particularly be broken up into tiny bite-sized morsels that are more easily digested.

This from Frank C. Laubach:

“I feel simply carried along each hour, doing my part in a plan which is far beyond myself. This sense of cooperation with God in little things is what so astonishes me, for I never have felt it this way before. I need something, and turn round to find it waiting for me. I must work, to be sure, but there is God working along with me. To know this gives a sense of security and assurance for the future which is also new to my life. I seem to have to make sure of only one thing now, and every other thing ‘takes care of itself,’ or I prefer to say what is more true, God takes care of the rest. My part is to live this hour in continuous inner conversation with God and in perfect responsiveness to His will, to make this hour gloriously rich. This seems to be all I need think about.”

(this excerpt from Letters by a Modern Mystic. This marvelous little book by one of the giants of missions in the last generation is said to be one of Dallas Willard’s favorite resources–mine too!)


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