Posted by: whereintheworldismike | December 5, 2011

The wind blows where it will

Today was full of surprises from God. The bullet train ride was a good time for reflection. Texting w MJ and praying for her as her flight to Sopporo was canceled by snow then a later flight opened up. Wondering if I would get a reply from Echo, my English Bible student from 12 years ago. I did and that led to dinner in a restaurant where I led Echo and her mom to Christ, talked to them about how we could encourage Echo’s father who is depressed, and created some interest around us by teaching E’s mom an exercise for her aching back. Earlier Pastor Sugaya and his wife took me around to see an old friend and told me she has a bad cancer. We had good prayer–may K be healed, Lord! Earlier, I did not have a place to stay but CRASH really helped me and I’ve had some great sharing with John who helps me with technological stuff while I share stuff on church planting, inner healing, sanctification, UFOs, and whatnot. Here John & I are




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