Posted by: whereintheworldismike | January 10, 2012

On the Way Home

God's handiwork   For our anniversary, MJ and I got away about a 2.5 hour from here. We walked around sampling Danish pastries, hiked to a little ribbon of a waterfall, and generally relaxed. Best of all we were able to reflect on the past year and look forward to some of what God seems to be preparing for us this year: return of our son from Texas, a very fruitful year of ministry, many miles in the air, growing deeper in Him. All in all it was a welcome respite before getting back to a pace of life that is a little too frenetic a little too often.

It seems time for reflection and interactive prayer with our Commander-in-Chief is harder and harder to come by. How is one to abide in Christ moment by moment in this digital-time age? We grabbed 20 minutes at Refugio Beach on the way home and I grabbed this pic–to remind me of God’s beautiful handiwork that was all around us. May this be a year in which all of us discover how to draw near and rest in the presence of the King. As we do this, our lives will become more fruitful even as they become less frenetic. Here’s a word from Frank C. Laubach, a modern mystic:

“The sense of being led by an unseen hand which takes mine while another hand reaches ahead and prepares the way, grows upon me daily. I do not need to strain at all to find opportunity. It plies in upon me as the waves roll over the beach, and yet there is time to do something about each opportunity.” (Letters from a Modern Mystic)


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