Posted by: whereintheworldismike | February 8, 2012

Please Bear with Me….

For a couple of days I will be organizing my blog between other things. Please hang with me as things develop. There will be a number of new tabs/categories for my entries. I hope to link more of my “abiding in Christ” stuff to my FaceBook. A good friend is helping me step out beyond what I am capable technologically.

Things are coming together for our upcoming trip. We will engage in some cross-cultural orientation this Sunday, then we will fly to Japan: MJ on Feb 26; M on Mar 6; S on Mar 8. Our youngest child is still not ready to be left alone at home so we are praying for a trustworthy house sitter.

After some meetings in greater Tokyo, I will take the bullet train up to Ishinomaki for a commemorative concert for the devastated people of the area. This is where Mr Abe lives:

I’ve printed a photo from our last meeting and prepared a DVD of anointed contemporary worship music for my friend who still has not heard from his wife since the tsunami. My daughter will catch up with me in Ishinomaki.

After some more meetings, we will head to Megumi Chalet in Nagano. This is where A2 missionaries were last March when the 9.0 earthquake started the devastating effects in NE Japan (Tohoku). We will be coming together again for prayer, planning, and inspiration prior to many being re-deployed to Tohoku.


  1. I am praying for your many needs both spoken and those known to God.

  2. Thank you very much, Jan! Prayer moves mountains… God’s time! We are almost back to before TX.


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