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Years ago I learned from Rick Warren that every follower of Jesus has a SHAPE. S is for spiritual gift (1 Cor 12 et al), H is for heart or passion: this is what has been most helpful for me finding out the purpose for which God placed me on this earth. Next comes A or natural abilities: God has made us all good at something–usually more than one or even two things. P is for personality: your “wiring” is not an accident. Part of my wiring is called “Woo” according to Strength Finders. This has been used much in several different cultures and has even worked when I don’t know the language. Still I can make friends. What’s your strength? What’s your passion? Your personality? How might God be waiting for you to go “outside the box” to accomplish much in cooperation with him? Finally is E for Experiential Learning. I am not naturally mechanically inclined. I don’t have a great passion for working with my hands. But when we came home from Japan our house was a wreck. It was literally unlivable with wiring that resulted in a fire in the attic. Walls and ceilings collapsing from water damage and a bathroom that was no longer functional. We had to take out another mortgage (after paying off two) to get some basic work done. Several friends from a church came over twice and did a lot of the basic demo and drywall hanging. Then a great Christian contractor got all his subs to tithe on the job along with him, and we were able to get more done than we would have otherwise.  But now after the money has run out still there is much to do so I spend every free moment between trips to Asia and whatever to finish the remodeling. Now I am not really skilled at construction or most things mechanical (keekaionchi in Japanese). However on my last trip to Japan I helped a man who had lost his wife in the Tsunami by tearing out drywall in his house. He had seen Jesus in a dream and was finally ready to try and start getting his life together after his devastating loss. Now he goes to church and brings 4 friends with him. I once preached a sermon in Japanese entitled (translation) “The Privilege and Responsibility of a Christian.” The privilege is eternal life: Christ’s sweet presence now and a body that never dies, gets tired or sick when this one wears out. The responsibility is to declare the excellencies of of Him who called each believer and made us collectively His people. (1 Peter 2:9)


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