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God is doing it again

Yesterday I wrote about CO2: Church of Two. Today I got an email from Eko and there is a new CO2 in Tokyo. She is excited about our talk until 1am and the materials I gave her. Last night my friend Toshi and his wife visited and together we were able to clean up the Japanese on my holistic discipleship model. It will be much easier to read and understand now for my Japanese friends–thanks Toshi!

Today Stac and I traveled by train, bullet train, and bus to get to Ishinomaki which was hit so hard by the tsunami. But God is bringing light to the long darkness here. Eric my A2 colleague is working here in partnership with a group called Be One. Stac and I came up to help with the gathering tonight and a major memorial concert and prayer event tomorrow (Sunday).

Here’s a couple of photos from tonight:

Many finding hope and healing in IshinomakiPerson of peace

(L) There must have been 60 people: Japanese, foreigners, believers, prebelievers, unchurched, grieving, rejoicing, demonized, considering Christ, passionately in love with Christ

(R) Mrs K is a neighborhood person of peace. She and her sister were here and have introduced several who attend from the neighborhood. She is also a second grandma to the leader’s kids

Please pray for Tohoku and if you want to send a special monetary gift entitled “for Japan relief” it will be doubled in its entirety to Asian Access, P.O. Box 200, San Dimas, CA 91773

Goodnight! It’s late and I need to get up really early for a big day tomorrow that the Lord is preparing his people for.


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