Posted by: whereintheworldismike | March 16, 2012

Family Around the World

It’s been awesome to be here in snowy Karuizawa–right where we were last March 11 when the triple disaster struck Japan. Since then the ministry venue has changed dramatically and A2 missionaries and their leaders are spending much time listening to God and redeploying to the Tohoku region.

This spring conference has been a time to reconnect with God through some gifted teaching and dynamic worship. Thank you, Pastor David and King’s Harbor crew–you’ve already been a great blessing!

I believe MJ has been doing a great job managing this international gathering. I’m definitely prejudiced but I’m covered because several including A2 President Joe have said the same thing. Go MJ!

This has also been a wonderful time to reconnect with our “family” over here.  Though we are always connected by our prayers for one another and, of course, Skype, there is nothing like sharing face to face as we rejoice in the victories and comfort one another in the challenges.

It’s good to see that though our children have not seen each other in 3 years, they are still close.

God you’re so good to have led us to a great partner in SIM, to have blessed the work of our hands, strengthened our community, and most of all given us your presence as we cooperate in your redemptive mission to the world.


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