Posted by: whereintheworldismike | April 2, 2012

Missing Mysticism in the North American Church

All too often what those outside the church see when they look in is a dedicated group of people who are pretty critical of them. What they don’t often see is the power and love of God working in his people in a winsome way that draws those still unfamiliar with the grace of God. Here’s a quote from Frank C. Laubach that I think captures the problem:

“I am well aware of the probability of criticism because it is ‘mysticism’–as though any man could be a believer in Jesus without believing in ‘mysticism’!–or because many people think that the days of direct contact with God, or at least words from God, stopped with the closing of the New Testament. But then what a stupid world this would be if one never did anything different for fear of criticism!”


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