Posted by: whereintheworldismike | May 21, 2012

First Leg Completed

MJ is up north in Sapporo. I am in Tokyo. Okinawa went as well as possible, I guess. The folks there still need prayer. It was good for us to be there. We sensed God working. I have meetings here and MJ will be very busy up north for the next 4 days. Masataka & Regina want to church plant but need a better job to be able to support their family and follow their dream that they are so gifted to do.

Thanks to Stan, Faith, Joe, and John for letting me stay in their home while they are off to London for Noell’s wedding. Congratulations, and thanks, again. It’s a lot more than a cup of cold water, my friends.

We were able to squeeze prayer, fellowship, and a meal in with some dear sisters in Christ

I'm loving the B&B here and praying for safe travels for my hosts


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