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Moving Like the Wind Experiencing God

Having a blast now as I sit down to a boxed dinner listening to Japanese praise music that never fails to move me. Praying for my love so far north and my kids on the other side of the world. While I eat I’m reflecting on another day of experiencing God as I move throughout my day.

Got up this morning and enjoyed extended fellowship with the Lord filled with anticipation of what He was going to do today as I walked with Him. I had a plan to meet with Eko. She had told me her mother couldn’t come and that she is very busy getting ready for her fashion exhibition June 5-10 but that she wanted to make time to meet with me over tea. That wasn’t until 2:30pm today and I toyed with various possible plans for the morning but the Lord seemed to draw me to hanging out with Him all morning so I did. He met me and reminded me how much He delights in me and really all of His people (Psalm 149:4).

As I prepared some materials for Eko, I repeatedly thought, “I’d like to try and get together with my dear friend Pastor Sugaya–maybe for lunch–but then dismissed it as too sudden and too tight a window to work. Guess what. As I rode the train to my appointment with Eko early enough that I could grab lunch before we met, as the train stopped to pick up passengers at Kiyose a guy in a red windbreaker caught my eye walking right toward me in the fourth train car. It was Sugaya! He saw me right after I saw him and made a bee line to get on the same car. We both agreed that it was a divine appointment. He just happened to be very near my spot on the platform. He just happened to have time to grab lunch and we both had news and prayer requests. God is so GOOD! His dear wife Kyoko who has been battling cancer recently slipped at home and broke her shoulder. While very sad to hear this, I was so glad to know so I could pray. I had some urgent prayer requests also and we covenanted to pray for each other. He also shared with me that the church we planted together in Kiyose (suburb of Tokyo) had just multiplied by birthing a house church in Ishinomaki in the disaster area. PTL!

After our lunch, we were praising God and His unexpected good presents to His children who move like the wind in the flow of His Holy Spirit. I made my way to the spot Eko planned to meet me. As I waited I had much to pray about. God’s presence was evident with me as I found a spot to wait out of the rain but still in clear sight. Eko was a  little late and very apologetic but I told her I was just glad she made time in the midst of a crazy busy schedule. Once we got to a nice cafe to drink hot chocolate (not tea!), we quickly got into discussing our fellowship with the Living God. Eko has a very real faith and was happy to receive the materials I gave her which included a letter, several videos from the internet, some Japanese praise music, and a book I used to make a couple of multiplying disciples during our time in Tokyo (inductive Kay Arthur study translated into Japanese). Inductive discussion with reflection and peer teaching is so much more effective to make disciples who actually apply what they are learning.

Eko was excited especially about the videos and told me she planned to intro them to her family and friends. We are looking more toward the harvest now and expecting God to expand our fellowship in the near future. Here’s the link to my favorite of the videos I gave Eko. Please join me in prayer for Kyoko and Eko and for the mighty work God is doing in this previously very rocky soil country of Japan.


  1. I am always excited to receive your posts. It helps to know how to pray.

    • Thanks, Jan! Prayer is what fuels this ministry. I wish Experiencing God (2008) was a companion to everyone’s Bible. We’d turn the world upside down!


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