Posted by: whereintheworldismike | July 12, 2012

Reverse Mentoring

Right now we’re on a speeding bullet train heading for Sendai in Tohoku, Japan. I’m reflecting on a very encouraging meeting we had with today with Pastor Y in Kokubunji. I first want to thank every one who is praying for our search for appropriate pastors with whom to place the 2 or 3 new missionary units that will be coming to Japan later this year. Pastor Y will definitely make a great partner. Here’s why we’re so high on this brother.

As we talked, MJ and I heard several stories of how God had spoken through young people in the church to Pastor Y and new, relevant, and very fruitful ministries have resulted. For example, later this week a group from the church will take a group of Tohoku orphans to Okinawa for fun and refreshment. We were moved as Pastor Y told us how one orphan touched his heart with a desire to help others as he has been helped by the church!

Yet another youth has given the church focus by saying, “The world is a worship sanctuary for Almighty God.” AMEN!
Thank you for praying for us and the work!


  1. Amen! That’s so exciting! And encouraging! All of us down here will continue to pray for more partnerships and meetings like this!


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