Posted by: whereintheworldismike | July 13, 2012

Broken for Greater Usefulness

Today we met with a dear brother who planted a church 30 years ago here near Sendai. He shared how his heart is breaking over a family issue. He has almost exclusively reached children and Has about 50 attending. Our talk revealed that the biggest thing holding him back is an inability to think outside the box. His custom of using only familiar methods have kept the church stunted. He really enjoyed our talk and would like to keep in touch. He eagerly accepted my offer of some of my Asia curriculum that has been translated into Japanese. Tonight we prayed with a missionary who has been going through a very hard time. We sensed the Lord’s presence as we prayed and recommitted ourselves to submit to God’s sanctifying work in us that he might maximize his plan in each of us. Jesus, we love you and welcome whatever you want to do in each of us💒


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