Posted by: whereintheworldismike | July 18, 2012

Tokyo ecclesia set to grow

We only got to stay in the Tokyo area for 3 days during this last trip but the days were packed and there were enough divine appointments–like Pastor S coming out of the a restaurant just as MJ and I were passing by on the way to another meeting. I thought I’d have a short meeting over tea with E the young lady who works in the fashion industry and has a growing relationship with Jesus. She invited me to lunch and the Lord was so evident as we discussed faith, intimacy with God, and the privilege and responsibility of a believer in Christ. E really “got it” and has a growing passion for sharing what Christ is to her with the half dozen other young adult fashion workers in her small apartment building. Let’s pray for the 3 ecclesia that are just starting out (1 in Okinawa, and 2 in Tokyo).

Next it was off to Sendai and other parts of Tohoku. One interesting encounter was with S a young man who believes he’s called to plant a church and who is into experiencing God with his new bride. We had a instant connection and I’ve sent him some of my curriculum for church planting pastors in Asia.Image


  1. All I can say is that as we get closer to the end, God is bringing the Church back to the beginning–simple church meeting anywhere community already exists.


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