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What I’ve Been Telling a Lot of the Japanese Pastors I’ve Spent Time with Recently

First, I’ve got to say that God blesses his servant over the top often. The last day I was transporting some Japanese pastors and their luggage around southern California, I had just dropped them off and noticed one tire was really low. Turns out I had a flat. No problem, I thought. I got the tires at Costco so they will take care of it. Turns out that tire is discontinued and they could not replace it right away. Oh no, I’ve got to take a bunch of pastors to Forest Home in a couple of hours! I prayed for favor from the Lord. Next thing I know, the supervisor is suggesting they give me one Michelin tire to replace the flat and then pro-rate the tire on the other side and sell me another Michelin cheap. Wow! I hadn’t planned on spending any money on tires but this was a definite upgrade so I agreed. The two tires were changed and when I went to sign the paperwork, both tires were given to us FREE! I paid some taxes and that was it! God made sure I got it all done in time to make my rendezvous with the pastors–with two of the best tires I’ve ever had on a car of mine. Yeah, Go God!

God made sure when I ate a meal with the pastors that I sat at a table with 3 of the most influential pastors in the nation of Japan. As we caught up and enjoyed fellowship with the food, the Spirit prompted me to start telling the pastors about some of my curriculum and the state of the American Church (80% either declining or plateaued and 99.5% of youth attending church without a biblical worldview -cf. Great Commission Research Journal, George Barna and Kinnaman).

Pastors from Japan were moved by the cross statuary on display at Fuller Seminary

Pastors from Japan were moved by the cross statuary on display at Fuller Seminary

I love these brothers from Japan! They know how to toil faithfully in spite of the hard hard ground of Japan. Now God is preparing a great harvest in the Land of the Rising Sun (Son). They are trying to keep in step with the Spirit (Galatians 5). I explained that the book Experiencing God is the second most important book I have to make disciples who know how to do God’s work and keep in step with the Spirit thereby abiding in Christ and bearing much fruit. I told them about the Japanese version and gave them my notes in Japanese. Next I told them about the books the Lord has led me to write and have sent that model of holistic discipleship to any who requested–several did.
People are less and less interested in empty words from a pulpit. They want to know God and his grace which can transform their lives–just like they read about in the gospel accounts. They want a life mission that is big enough to captivate them. The crack cocaine of entertainment has left many empty and looking for “the real thing” somewhere else. God is winnowing his Church. The true wheat will come to the Cross and drink deeply from the water of life. Many are wandering in the desert and do not know why their years of church going has left them feeling alone and afraid in this age. This is the age where the darkness threatens to overcome the Church–if that were possible. However, it is also the age of the greatest spiritual harvest in the history of the world–worldwide. Many are spiritually hungry in this land too, but they are not interested in a pat spiritual answer. They want to dialogue where the rubber of their lives meets the road. We in the Church need to be ready to be real with them and seek God in humility together.

May it be so in America, in Japan, throughout Asia, and throughout this great and troubled world!





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