Posted by: whereintheworldismike | October 24, 2012

Fashion Industry CO2

Right now I’m up north and it’s getting cold, but so much happened today I’m eager to write about it in our newsletter. The day before I came up here (day before yesterday) I was able to meet with E who works in the fashion industry in Tokyo. She took time out of a busy schedule and let me know it is always a priority to meet with me. She is living out Matthew 6:33 like few I’ve ever even heard from. She is the poorest of the 6 workers who live in the apartment complex. They are community and like to hang out together and sometimes share meals together and help each other with their portfolios. E does not even know where her next meal is coming. She has stopped using make-up. Yet she is vibrant and aglow with the joy of the Lord. She was excited to tell me how the Lord provides for her daily–sometimes at the last minute. Her faith humbled me and challenged me. Her next door neighbor is busier than her but she has been so impressed with E’s peace and joy in spite of her situation that she has trusted Christ. Some others have listened but not been open to change. 3 others are watching closely because they are blown away by E’s demeanor in spite of George Mueller-type circumstances. She is trusting Christ completely and gladly shares him with many.
Please pray for E in Tokyo. I will share more in our newsletter but we may need 2 pages double sided to report all God is doing in this 11 day trip.  Thank you!


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