Posted by: whereintheworldismike | October 28, 2012

Tsunami Relief Work


For the last 3 days we have been conducting training for a crop of new missionaries who will work in the tsunami disaster area to help plant new churches. We have been at Morigo Camp where Pastor Matsuda and Oasis Church has been helping many young campers gain some peace and hope for the future. Pastor Matsuda shared how traumatized many of the people in this area still are. Funds Asian Access has raised will help to refurbish, rebuild and build onto the Morigo Camp which is near Rifu, Japan. Much of lower areas in this area were inundated. The camp is the largest in Japan and the church which has learned to give out of their own poverty at times was amazingly able to obtain it to minister to traumatized kids. The further improvements will enable even more to be helped in the name of Christ. The pastor told us how they used to give out of their abundance but since the disaster God has challenged them to give out of their lack. And every time they have God has opened the floodgates of heaven and provided for their ministry beyond their abilities to plan so big. Here’s the lodge which is currently roped off and posted unsafe. Please pray for the new missionaries and their national partners as they share the love of Christ and introduce people to the only One who can bring lasting hope.


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