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A Strategy for Work and the Value of Being Humble

Taking time out of a busy schedule preparing for a couple of overseas trips to share a couple of things the Lord has laid on my heart. First, I believe when Jesus said, “Wait until you receive power from on high and then you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, Samaria, and unto the uttermost parts of the earth” he meant to include our workplaces in all those places. We spend so much time at work and that makes it a great forum for modeling a life filled with the Holy Spirit. I have two brothers in Japan who do this: they work hard when it’s time to work. They are exemplary workers–so much so, one of the them is now president of the company he works for. The other is a regional head of a major company. They work hard. They provide no opportunity for criticism. They are respected because they seem to be filled with peace and joy most of the time. The companies they work for are experiencing stress like most companies these days. This causes many of their colleagues and subordinates to take note of their unusual calmness even in some pretty heavy “storms.” As a result they both get frequent questions like, “Why aren’t you nervous?” or “How do you handle the stress, I’m really stressed myself!” This has resulted in both of them introducing several to the Prince of Peace during break times or after work. Sometimes they lead someone to peace when the guys have all gone out for drinks. As the alcohol loosens tongues, people begin to share their fears and concerns with the one who seems pretty much above it all. A conversation can be started in such a situation by answering questions gently and with respect. Those conversations often result in salvation down the line.
In the centered set church (unlike the bounded set church, see Shaping of Things to Come by Frost and Hirsch), everyone is hungry to know God better. They know they have not “arrived” and will not stop seeking more of God until they see him face to face and are, thus, transformed completely at last. Pastor Y’s church is centered on Jesus. They are doing a great work in Tohoku because the pastor was humble enough to listen to a “zinger” from a little child.  The Church needs more like this.

Please pray for me as I prepare for teaching in a seminary and other teaching, mentoring ops in various Asian countries.

A Humble Pastor Who Is Doing a Great Work

A Humble Pastor Who Is Doing a Great Work


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