Posted by: whereintheworldismike | November 3, 2012

Go Hard for the Lord….no matter what

It breaks my heart seeing what’s going on in the land of my birth. Billy Graham says that so many here are shaking their fists at God that this land will see the judgment of the Creator of All. I am attaching a video that the American Church needs to hear and heed. The faith is booming in Asia and the East in spite of heavy persecution in many places. I will be going to teach disciple multiplication in an Islamic country where Jesus’ popularity is booming explosively. If we will not preach the gospel in a relevant way to the post moderns of this country then God will go elsewhere to make his name known. Beware, the attached video is powerful and true but may be shocking if you are not used to this style. I’ve never liked it before but this guy is anointed and walking his talk in some of the toughest areas in this land of the free–in God we trust NOT!


  1. Steve and the boys have been to see LaCrae in concert. He definitely has a message that’s needed today. Thank you, Mike, for sharing your heart and spreading the gospel of truth in Jesus Christ.


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