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How is Sharing Your Faith Like a Tripod?

Enjoying hanging out with a hot group of pastors here at Tsumagoi in Japan. The times in the bath are great for sharing both ways. One thing I like to share is disciple multiplication, my specialty. One thing I learned from my doctoral research on the subject is that there are 3 elements in just about everyone putting their trust in Christ, the One and Only Savior.

The 3 legs of disciple making

Like the 3 legs of a Tripod

Everyone of my research participants have multiplied themselves. One has heard an audible voice of God corroborated the next day. Others have put things together after years as a result of the comfort Christ gave in a crisis. That last is what all participants had in common–people believe in Christ during a crisis of faith. It can be big, it can be small, it can be relational, financial, or health-related. It doesn’t matter: generally, a catalyst is needed. The other 2 legs of the tripod are easily understood: an empathetic witness, the Word of God. Coming alongside in the Lord’s timing is the most effective¬† way to witness. This is one reason it is so helpful to learn how to listen to God. God can nudge, arrange a meeting, give words, lead actions, and so much more as we learn to cooperate with him. And it’s really fun!!!
Please pray for some very important meetings here. Lots of transitions in the mission, Japan, and the world and decisions are being made here that will impact some venues. Thanks!



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  2. […] These two men inspired me to research and publish a dissertation entitled Japanese Christian Multiplication: A Phenomenological Study (Biola University). What I found was that in the forming of a Christian multiplier, there are always three factors: the Word, relational connection (usually human, but can be directly divine), and the catalytic effect of a crisis. I’ve blogged about this […]

    • If we serve the Lord as ambassadors of reconciliation on the turf of those we go to reach, multiplication can become the norm rather than the exception in American Christian circles.


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