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Pastors’ Graduation in Shizuoka

Having a great time meeting with pastors over meals, in the bath, on the path, and just about anywhere. A special treat was when two friends (a couple) came up from a about an hour and a half south of here to celebrate my birthday with me. The wife translated my 14 essential qualities of a successful church planter into Japanese really quickly and that encouraged me to ask her about my article on Family Altar Evangelism. It’s two and a half pages but more and more pastors are asking me about it so I thought it was about time to translate it.

MJ has had some great talks too. One pastor told her about his “mashed potato” ministry. A transcript of part of their talk follows:  Mashed Potato ministry for PK’s–that’s preacher’s kids. About 20-25% of PK’s become pastors.  About 60% are Christians.  The most common reason that children leave the faith is because they don’t respect their fathers.  They don’t respect their father because they see that he doesn’t work.  He gets up early and prays, he cuts the bonsai, reads the Bible and talks about revival.  On Sunday he preaches but little else.  The church is about 30 people or less and no new believers.  The children say that from high school they start working to pay for their own class trips, buy their own clothes, take care of their own needs because their father is not working.  Toh Sensei believes that for the children a pastor needs to grow his church to about 200 people.  If he does, the child is proud of his house and able to go to college.  There is something attractive about it.  Also, seeing new Christians come in allows the child to see people encountering Christ and being transformed by his power.

There’s a lot of churches in America and other places that would profit by heeding what was heard at this encounter.

The worship tonight was awesome and I’m attaching a short recording.Japan Church Growth Institute Worship at Tsumagoi


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