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That’s one of the images of what we call “church” in the Bible. A couple of trips to Okinawa earlier, a good pastor friend shared his vision for the community. The church has been growing slowly but the after school club/pre-school has been booming! So big in fact, a new venue was needed for church meetings and for the expanding vision of the pastor. Pastor Agena has a really cool vision to break down the barriers–some visible and some invisible–from folks in the neighborhood finding the Light of the World and the Savior of all who will humbly trust in him alone for salvation from God’s righteous judgment.

The Okinawans are incredibly ingenious at building really complex, beautiful structures in such tight spaces that it stretches the imagination. The Lighthouse Study Hall/Holy Spring Church is an example of the principle.

ImageCrammed tightly between high rise buildings on every side and with streets on 3 sides, the first natural inclination might be to batten down the hatches and lock down from the sensory assault. However Pastor Agena has developed a venue that preserves quiet and light inside even while displaying openness to every passerby.

When we first saw the location, there was a small blacktopped parking area on the spot. It was hard to imagine how a building could be built on the spot. But Pastor asked me to listen to God and pray a prayer of dedication in faith. He asked me to name the building that was to be. I was honored and overwhelmed at the same time. As I closed my eyes to pray–I don’t always do this–a word came to me: lighthouse. So I prayed for a lighthouse that would provide hope for the hopeless, light to those in darkness, strength to the weak, healing to the sick, and life to those still dead. Much more was prophetically prayed. I sensed the Lord’s unction. I see answers in the building itself. Much of what the Spirit prayed through me has already happened. 1 baptized, 4 others transformed. Many just dropping by drawn by the intangible love and light of the place.


I am convinced that more that was prayed will be fulfilled and this lighthouse and holy spring will become a rock amidst a storm that many will find sanctuary in on the way to seeing Jesus face to face.

May the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified and magnified in Urasoe and all over the world in these days of preparation for his return.


  1. Very cool! And very encouraging. Thanks for sharing … and praying … and serving.


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