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Worship at KGC

What a blast to be with our friends at KGC, the church we helped plant in Tokyo! KGC worship

The worship was really good, anointed. My good friend Toshi can still really pick the guitar with feeling. His daughter Ki is awesome on the piano. It really felt like coming home–even though the church building is brand new–they just moved in one week before I arrived to spend 3 nights here. You can see the bottom area has a lot of glass. It’s a tea room with small circular tables and a kitchen where tea and lunch is served. The worship sanctuary is also on the first floor and also is outfitted with circular tables at which 2 or 3 can sit comfortably–of course 4 can also be accommodated. The design is to facilitate discussion during the sermon or during a meal. This church really tries to get away from a steady diet of lecture. Today, I can testify that some of the discussions get pretty lively. We had a lot of fun talking about the place of confession and repentance in the life of a Christian in our group of 3. It was fun to share the ACTS prayer exercise with a couple of the church elders where during the Confession phase, one confesses all they know to confess and then ask God to bring to their mind anything that might be getting in the way of their close relationship. As he or she waits quietly, the voice of the Lord can come like a gentle breeze bringing something to mind best confessed–but very gently without any hint of judgment. When that happens, it is the Voice of the Lord. I told the speaker and the elder at my table that if we agree with the Lord when he reminds us of something to confess, he lets us feel his delight in us. What a celebration party ensues! The elder at our table seemed eager to go home and give it a try.

It was both a fun time and a time of concern as I was asked to pray for Kyoko who I have written about before. She is the pastor’s wife and has been battling cancer. Her kidneys are not strong and that has complicated her treatments. She was showing us where her hair had grown back. We are hoping her healing can be complete soon and all her tests come back negative. I could definitely sense the Holy Spirit as we prayed for Kyoko.

The new building is designed to function as a community relief center in the event of a major disaster. There have been several predictions of disasters on the way for both Tokyo and Osaka.

I told other friends I met with who are struggling that this life/world is like The Matrix (movie). It’s a seductive illusion that seeks to keep us from the Way, the Truth, and the Life. The emptiness and pain of life without Christ can drive some to excessive drinking and other self-destructive behavior. May the find the true peace and fulfillment that can only come from having a close relationship with their Maker who has put a unique life purpose in each of them and promises to be with them to fulfill it as they trust him and obey what He tells them through his written and authoritatively spoken Word.


  1. Thank you, Mike, for keeping us posted on your ministry. It is always uplifting to hear from you because you point to Jesus in everything you say. We’re so glad you got to spend time with your brothers and sisters at KYC. May God continue to bless your family and ministry.

    • We’re in Japan right now. Stay tuned, dear friends. Much to report as soon as we can.


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