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A Very Important Pastoral Resource

Dear friends, I think I will be able to publish my book by years-end.More on that later. In Sept 2-15 I teach “Disciple Multiplication and Church Growth” at Sabah Theological Seminary near Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia. By God’s grace I believe I can consider myself an expert on disciple multiplication–through both personal experience in USA and Japan and through doctoral studies conducted in Japan. The Church needs it, the Bible commands it, and God’s nature mandates the method which is primarily relational. I hope everyone will pick up a copy when this labor of love to the Church Jesus died for is complete. I will let the word out on Facebook and it will be on Amazon.

In the meantime I will use two main texts in my class at Sabah. One is Experiencing God by Blackaby and King. The first edition of this book sparked revival all over the USA in the 1990’s as believers found God wanted to use them and they did not have to leave all the disciple-making to their pastors. The latest edition of this book has stories from all over the world where the principles have been applied and miracles have occurred.

The other book is DiscipleShift: Five Steps That Help Your Church to Make Disciples Who Make Disciples (Exponential Series) by Jim Putman, Bobby Harrington and Robert Coleman (Apr 23, 2013). i rate this book 8 or 9 stars out of 10. The principles presented are solid and so true and practical. When my book comes out I will address the other areas I believe keep this book from being a 10 out of 10. However, in the meantime, this DiscipleShift book should be an essential resident of every pastor’s library. The authors are pastors and put on workshops for pastors who are trying to morph their churches to be relevant–and fruitful–in this post-Christian culture that is America.


  1. mike thanks so much for suggesting a book.

    • You’re welcome, Anna. Some of us are planning to ride Ragbrai next July. Any chance you and Mike would be interested?


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