Posted by: whereintheworldismike | August 31, 2013

An Interactive Post about Sanctification

For years whenever I bring up the subject of sanctification, the response I receive is something like, “That’s just not cool anymore.” Or “No one wants to hear about that–it’s boring…and too hard.” Everywhere I go I like to preach on “His Divine power has given us everything we need for life and godliness.” I do this because I believe Christ has. I’m in Seoul near the end of a marathon layover (15 hrs) and heading to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia in about an hour and a half. The assignment there is to teach “Disciple Multiplication and Church Growth” to a group of pastors and seminarians (26 at last count). Among other things I will introduce interactive prayer, listening to God’s voice, and a model for inner healing/sanctifying prayer. I believe this is a key area in disciple multiplication because I can show from scripture and from years of experience on both sides of the ocean that once one starts growing in holiness, it is a trustworthy principle that God will increase the influence and fruitfulness of that Christian. We cannot short cut to disciple multiplication and people movements, etc. without embarking on the journey of actively cooperating with God in his sanctifying work in each one of us who names the name of Jesus. I look forward to comments and questions. I would like to see a discussion develop that would be helpful to everyone who reads it. I appreciate your prayers for me Sept 1-16 as I try to help the class of mainly pastors learn to connect with God on a deeper level and see God expand their ministries even more. God is doing something amazing in this nominal Islamic country and they are at the forefront. I know I will learn a lot even as I try to impart something to them.


  1. I still have not been here long but after another day I believe I spoke too soon about “this nominal Islamic country.” There is persecution sometime and there are some veiled looks as we go out and about sometimes. The Lord is my Shepherd. Search me, Oh God, and see if there be any hurtful thing in me.


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