Posted by: whereintheworldismike | September 2, 2013

Got a Supercharged Faith?


Supercharged Life of a Multiplier

Intimacy w Christ centrifugeNotice the white input (Holy Spirit), the intermingling of God’s Spirit with your spirit (aquamarine in the center), and the rivers of Living Water that flow out (blue). This engine supercharger provides a good model of the dynamic of the Christian multiplier: God is more than a belief or an acquaintance. God becomes Best Friend, King, Master, Loving Father, and so much more. This is what the Bible calls “abiding in Christ” (John 15).

 For the life of a multiplier, everything flows from fellowship with the Lord by his Spirit.

Abide in Christ –> Bear much fruit –> Be pruned (sanctification) to bear more fruit <–> Don’t abide –> no fruit –> cut off and cast out.

Malaysia is awesome. Looking forward to chapel message in two days. 26 signed up for class but there’s rumbles more may want to get in. God is awesome! And so are all my friends who pray for me and the Kingdom of God!



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