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I’m Chasing You as You’re Chasing me

Today the first half of class was centered on how to teach adults. Too much lecture and disengagement and passivity result.  I spent some time in explaining my rationale for the teaching methodology, and because the content is so radical I felt it was important to explain Rogers’ diffusion of innovation model. They will need to be aware of the differing speeds their church members will be able to take in the innovations when they try to implement what they learn and experience in class. Next we did an analysis of John 14-16 which centers on intimacy with Christ which results in obedience which results in fruit. They really liked the videos and most wanted a copy of those plus the notes, but their flash drives were not big enough so I’m planning to give them a link to my Dropbox. I recently had to go pro because God has taught me so much and my curricula had exceeded the regular account limit.

Most of my students are pastors from a non-Charismatic denomination affiliated with Lutherans. They are being stretched but they really like it and think this will help bring about a revival in this area as they apply what they’ve learned. I told them God always responds to any effort we put forth toward greater holiness. I am amazed at how much favor God is giving me with these dear brothers and sisters who range in age from 20-60. I have linked to the RPM prayer in earlier posts.

Tomorrow I am praying these very willing folks will hear from God and have some breakthroughs which they can then pass on to their church members. Growth in this way leads to increasingly consistent “rivers of living water” flowing out of the innermost being of those who have grown in holiness. The result is just as Jesus promised, “The one who abides in me bears much fruit. Apart from me you can do nothing.”

My daughter put a worship music video up on Facebook and I really like the way it ties in with tomorrow’s content. We will pray an hour interactively using the Eastman “Hour that Changes the World” model. This has been used mightily by God all over the world. Pastor Oikawa is still using it in Iwakiri, Japan. After that, I plan to introduce the Releasing Prayer Ministry stuff the Evergreen prayer team gave us when they came to Japan with us in March. Powerful way for people to hear God’s voice and release things that impede them in their walks with God. Here’s the link for the cool video that inspired this post. God is pursuing us even as we are able to pursue him. The result is the most exciting, fulfilling life imaginable. God is waiting how will you respond?


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